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Volunteer Opportunities


Our volunteers play a very important role at the Foundation.

We normally have many volunteer opportunities in conjunction with our events and programs. Volunteers usually are needed throughout the year for a variety of projects, literacy programs and positions.


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Volunteer for The Haunted Pond

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Volunteer Benefits

There are many great benefits to volunteering for BIBLF,

here are just a few...

• Only our Volunteers are applicable for SCHOLARSHIPS to use for purchasing books and supplies to support their educational pursuits after High School!


• Only our volunteers are eligible to purchase Journey to the North Pole tickets, in advance of the general public, for specific dates.


• Volunteers are invited to participate in SPECIAL EVENTS and SOCIALS to celebrate the great work they do!


• Volunteers make great FRIENDS and meet other like-minded people with a passion for community service and a love of literacy!


• Earn special RECOGNITION as we celebrate your volunteer achievement both in house and at events!


• Have FUN taking part in the various stages of our great events & programs that wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for YOU!

Volunteer for Rocky Horror Picture Show as an Usher

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Volunteer for Day of Caring & Volunteer Wednesdays

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Volunteer for Journey to the North Pole™

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