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Schedule of Events at the Theater in the Wood

JULY  2018

July 9 - 13, 9am-4pm

A Trip through

Candy Land

King Kandy has been kidnapped by Evil Lord Liquorish! It’s up to all the inhabitants of Candy Land to band together and travel through the Peppermint Forest, cross the Ice Cream Sea, and conquer the Big Rock Candy Mountain to bring him home safely!

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July 13, 10am

Wendy & the Pirates:

A Neverland Story

In this delightful prequel to Peter Pan, join Wendy and her brothers John and Michael Darling as their imaginations take them on journey where Pirates abound, friendship blooms, and differences are celebrated!

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July 20, 10am

The Reluctant Dragon

What happens when you meet a dragon that loves poetry instead of shooting fire out his nostrils? What happens when the town insists that the dragon is dangerous no matter what you say? Join the boy, St. George and the dragon as they find a raucous way to convince the town that the dragon is more than what meets the eye!

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July 23 - August 3, 9am-4pm

Muppet Mania!

(2 week camp)

It’s the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppet-ational extravaganza! Hosted by your favorite Muppet pals! See what zany antics arise when trying to put on the biggest show of the season!

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July 27, 10am

The Princess & the Pea

Finding the right person to marry can be a difficult job, especially when your Mother insists that she be a princess. For Prince George all the princesses he’s met so far…just don’t feel real. Then one stormy night a drenched young woman shows up at his door! The Queen Mother creates the test of all tests to see if she’s true as Prince George wonders…could she really be the one?

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AUGUST  2018

August 3, 10am

Azban's Great Journey:

An Abenaki Tale

Azban, the raccoon is quite the rascal. On his journey from river lands to the ocean, he spends his days scheming ways to get free meals and meddling in the affairs of those he encounters. Soon Azban realizes that sometimes his behavior comes at a cost and that perhaps he should mend his ways.

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August 10, 10am

Little Bo Peep and the Beautiful Owl

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep…or has she? It seems that it wasn’t only Bo’s fault that the sheep disappeared that day. In the process of trying to find them and bring them home, Bo comes across a strange family and a beautiful owl who lives outside their home. There is something quite mysterious about this owl and Bo refuses to leave until she discovers just what it is!

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August 13 - 17, 9am-4pm

The Hilarious History of America (Abridged)

The passage of time often has a way of rewriting history, or at least how it’s interpreted… Take a trip down memory lane and get reintroduced to the roots of America-the-beautiful with a bit of a hilarious twist!

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August 17, 10am

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Mr. McGregor has a luscious garden right next door to Peter’s home. Peter’s Mother has told him and his sisters, they mustn’t ever go there. Peter thinks it won’t hurt to eat just a few of the vegetables, but when he does, the afternoon doesn’t go as smoothly as Peter planned!

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