Storybook Trail                 Maple Sugaring

The 100-Acre Wood Sugar Shack is

NOW OPEN for the 2021 season!


 While Sugaring season won't begin until

Late February/Early March, our 100-Acre Wood Maple Syrup will be available for purchase at our Sugar Shack Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

from 11am-4pm!

Maple Sugaring in the 100-Acre Wood



We are offering a few ways for you to get your maple syrup fix:


The 100-Acre Wood Sugar Shack is now OPEN Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from 11-4pm!


Curbside Pick-up for any orders of our delicious 100-Acre Wood Maple Syrup is available Monday through Thursday, 10am-2pm at the Believe in Books Literacy Foundation office:


  • Check out the 100-Acre Wood Maple Syrup Container Options below!

  • Call Believe in Books Literacy Foundation at (603)-356-9980 to place your order and pay over the phone. (Acceptable payments are debit or credit cards, and personal checks made out to: Believe in Books Literacy Foundation - NO CASH)

  • Let us know what time you would like to pick up your Maple Syrup and we will bring it right out to your car!


All net proceeds of 100-Acre Wood Maple Syrup purchases support Believe in Books Literacy Foundation’s literacy programs!


Thank you for your continued support!

Buy your 100-Acre Wood Maple Syrup online here!


Many containers come in Grade A Golden Delicate, Grade A Amber Rich or Grade A Dark Robust

Glass Jugs - 64 oz, 34 oz, 17 oz, 8.5 oz or 3.4 oz

Glass Maple Leaf - 17 oz, 8.5 oz or 3.4 oz

Glass Mason Jar - 16 oz or 4 oz   Glass Holiday/Moose - 8.5 oz

Plastic Jugs - 128 oz (gal), 32 oz (qt) or 16 oz (pt)

Believe in Books Literacy Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization: 41 Observatory Way, P.O. Box 1800, Intervale, NH 03845  (603) 356-9980